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Effective Method
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Effective Method

We use portals as metaphors for your personal challenges or projects.
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Unique Software

Portals Academy is a unique goal-tracking application, which could bring many benefits to your life.
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Legendary Mentorship

Get help and learn how to create fun around any process
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How does it work

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Keep all your challenges & goals in one place

Increases motivation and develops willpower
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Decide what you want to do 100 times

The Portals Method improves your ability to manage priorities and time
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Choose a theme for your challenge

Develop abstract, metaphorical thinking and creativity
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You take action in life and track your progress through the fun portals

Develops your brain's ability to enjoy challenges and be consistent.

Revolutionary Curriculum

Talent as a state of mind
New State As an Ultimate Goal
Dance, Music, Design, Writing
Legendary Exercise
Theory of 100
The Portals Method
Master The Art of Small Steps
Equanimity should be first
An immersive education experience that develops creativity, awareness, and self-control.


In life, you work on projects and in Portals you journey through new realities
    Boost motivation by training your mind to love challenges

    What is a goal-tracking & why is it important ?

    I used to think that games are just for fun

    Talent is a state of mind that anyone can achieve

    In one reality - you could live without Portals Academy.

    In another reality, the Portals Academy will increase your efficiency and enjoyment of life.

    The Portals Method is a game where you commit to doing something
    100 times

    I commit to studying 100 times, 40 minutes each time
    I commit to practicing meditation for 100 days, 1 hour per day.
    I commit to working out for 100 days, 1 hour per day.
    I commit to dancing for 100 days, 1 hour per day.
    I commit to doing yoga for 100 days, 1 hour per day.
    I commit to thinking like a detective 100 times
    I commit to eating healthy food for 100 days
    I commit practicing the guitar for 100 days. 15 minutes per day.