This game has always been in our minds.
We just need to understand the rules of this game and...
commit to following these rules
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Hi, my name is Roman, I’m the headmaster of Portals Academy, and I'm here to share with you the Portals Method.

For many years, I was trying to learn how to dance. I took many classes, but the result was always the same, I gave up quickly because I didn't like the boring repetition of the same moves.

All the classes I took used the same learning process - we would learn choreography and I didn't understand the beauty of dance until  I jumped into the portal.

A portal is the perfect metaphor for a personal challenge. Think about it. When we challenge ourselves, we metaphorically enter another dimension.

Where we journey through new realities and try to survive uncertainty.

And we can think of a challenge as a game with simple rules - commit to doing something for a specific number of times.

The Portals Method is a game where you commit to doing something 100 (one hundred) times.

Sure, it's not the typical game we’re used to playing, like playing computer games, board games, or sports. It's a different kind of game, but it's still a game because it has rules just like any other game and has a clear goal (finish all 100 steps as you promised yourself).

I started using the Portals Method and learned many things (dance, meditation, piano improvisation, design, video editing, writing, web development, foreign languages).

You can use it to advance in any area of your life: work, study, exercise, meditation, health, creativity, and even in implementing new habits.

Why does the Portals Method work?

When you want to learn something and take classes, you unconsciously place all responsibility for your growth on someone else.
However, when you create a portal, you place all responsibility on yourself.

You don’t give up until you have completed all 100 steps.

This is what happened to me when I tried to learn how to dance using the traditional method of taking classes.  I took one class, didn't like it, and dropped it, thinking that dance just isn’t for me.

But when I started using the Portals Method, I didn't give up so easily, because I felt like I was playing a game... I was like a detective searching for the beauty of dance.

Which, I discovered while journeying step-by-step through the dance portal. It was the same story with music, web design, meditation, writing and so much more.

"It's better to complete 1 portal than listen to 100 tips."
Commit to dancing 1 hour per day for 100 days, and you will fall in love with dance.
You can use the Portals Method to learn anything you
Just commit to doing something in 100 times.


What is a portal?

A portal is a metaphor for a challenge, project, habit, idea, skill, exercise, workout, etc.

Each portal has a certain number of steps. Each step can represent 1 day, 1 hour, 1 approach, or whatever measure works for you.

You make up a game for yourself and play it.
Examples of portals:
100 hours of learning or mastering a skill.
100 days to master a habit and/ or follow a daily routine.
100 hours to implement an idea.
100 steps (15 minutes per step) to reflect on or study a specific topic.
100 hours of meditation100 steps of meditation (30 minutes per step)
100 steps working out (30 minutes per step)
100 steps to track the way you want.

You can create your own portals and even choose different themes to enhance your experience.
The more abstract the theme, the better. You take action in life and track your progress through the portals.
It may seem unnecessary, awkward, and unimportant, but this is how we develop our brain by creating new neurons. In this way, we not only teach our brains to love challenges, but also to think out of the box.
Over time, the potential of this game will unfold for you, just as any game will unfold over time.

This game will develop your mental ability.
Because you are going to spend more time thinking about your life, learn how to challenge yourself and how to think like a detective.
You will develop your creativity through metaphorical maps. Just track your progress, at least 1 step per day. That’s all you need.

Goal trackers... what are they for?

The most important thing is getting reminders.
Once you've built a relationship with the app, it will start helping you to focus your attention on what you choose to do.

To experience the full potential of the application, hold out for as long as you can, so you can build a relationship with the application. You probably already have a relationship with other apps, like YouTube, messengers, and social networking apps.

Just start using the Portal Academy, and it will turn your life into a game. Whatever you do, as soon as you decide to play, you become a student of the Legendary Academy.
Why is it Legendary?
Because it’s created by you!
It's your challenges, projects and goals. Choose wisely.
You have only 100 hundred.

The Portals Academy

How does Portals Academy help improve motivation?

People don’t do what they should do because they don’t know how to create their own fun.

But what is fun?
Harry Potter, became a great magician because of external motivation. Something would always happen to him that would push him to practice more.  Lord Voldemort was his external motivation (Don’t say that/his name!!)
What if we canceled the Olympics games?

Would it have an impact on sportsmen's motivation?
Of course.

We are less motivated when there are no performances, or people to practice with.
Why do people spend lots of money and risk their lives to reach the top of Mount Everest?

Because they find it fun.
Fun is a combination of inner and external motivation.Inner motivation is own reason to take the first step and the very existence of the mountain itself is the source of external motivation.
Can we create our own mountains?
As it turns out, we can... by journeying (navigate) through 100 portals.100 portals are 100 personal challenges that will bring you to your next level.
Your next level is where you struggle a little less and are a little more wise.

What do the 100 portals mean?

In school, you have to complete 10-12 grades or levels.In university or college, you have to complete  8-12 semesters or levels.

In Portals Academy, you travel through 100 Portals to discover the secrets that await you.This is how Portals Academy was discovered.

What do you want to do?
Commit to doing it 100 times.
Jump into the portal and track your progress.


You can build you own legendary academy

Each step in the Portal can mean a task, time or progress.
Examples of Portals:
100 hours of reading.
100 hours for project implementation.
100 hours to write a book or diary.
100 hours of learning new things.
100 hours of sports.
100 hours of reflection on a specific topic
100 hours of rest
100 hours of doing something new
100 hours of playing musical instruments.
100 hours of learning a foreign language
100 hours of meditation practice
100 hours to work.
100 days to take a cold shower.
100 days track water.
100 steps to practice piano, 5 minutes per step.
100 steps to work on my project, 5 hours per step.
And so on...

After you finish the portal, take your time to analyzing progress and results.
Progress is more important than results.
This is the most valuable lessons from the portals.
Progress is more important than results.
Portal - is not a just a goal. It's a journey. Your goal is just a direction. What you want to do ? Writing ? Alright, let's write 100 pages or 100 hours.
After you finish 100 steps, analyze your progress, because results is just a reward. And your biggest reward, not something that you want.
The biggest reward is your personal experience that you gained in the portal.

So easy.

Why 100 portals ? 100 portals represent the path to a new level.
After 100 challenges, it's 100% guaranty that you will reach a new level.
Of course, it is just a gamification, but everyone can feel it. We all at this moment finish more of the 100 challenges.

Have you heard the phrase: "Be a better version of yourself"?
What does it mean ? If I wake up in the morning and do yoga - is it a step to my new level ? What if I smoke in the same time ? What if the rest of the day I live an unhealthy life ?

You realized the power of this game. If you consciously decide to practice yoga 100 days - it 100% guaranty that every step in this portal leads you to your new level.
Even if you consciously decide to smoke 100 days - it 100% guaranty that every step in this portal leads you to your new level.
It is only about conscious choice.

After 2 years...
You are a student for 839 days and finish 29 portals and tracked almost 6,000,000 second and achieve 50th level.
You learned a lot from Portals Academy. Not only that, but you can feel that Portals Academy teaches a very valuable lesson, just by its existence.

On the gates of the Portals Academy, you can read:
"Who would you become after 100 Portals, this is a secret that portals are holding for you?"

What is gamification, and how it helps me to become more productive?

Gamification is an idea to apply game elements and game thinking to any process.

A great example of gamification is the language learning app Duolingo. They use points, badges, tournaments, leagues, day streak and other game mechanics. is similar to Duolingo, whereby we learn anything. In we apply story (we imagine that we are students) and metaphor game mechanics and much more.

1) Portals use the story around practice. “We imagine ourselves that we are students of legendary academy. To graduate, we need to jump through portals. With each portal, you notice that you are changing. Get stronger and faster.

2)Portals remind you about your challenges. Reminders is a very strong game mechanics that will make a great impact on your growth. One of the biggest challenges is whether we set goals, set a new habit, or challenge ourselves, and after a few days, or completely forget about them. Our brains resist challenging tasks and try to stay in the comfort zone. Portals remind us about our decisions, the same way the coach calls every day and asks, “Did you make a step today?”

3) Portals creates a visual representation of your growth. One of the popular games on the planet to see how you change. Track your progress and finish 100 portals to see how your dance will change.

4) Portals use game mechanic “levels and XP.” With every step, you will gain XP and a new level. With a higher level, you can get access to new portals. XP and level represent that we are changing all the time, and the process of eduation is the same like a game. You teach your brain to play this game and give you more energy to learn complicated things. You will see that you will change with every 5 or 10 levels. It's inevitable. And also show that there is no reason to stay on current level, the process of education is a journey of our life.

5) Portals use metaphor game mechanics that help to train imagination. Every portal has a unique and fun theme. In life, you dance, and in the portal, you are the magician.