"It is hard to consider failure a success; however, every success is made up of failures."
Roman Golovach
Founder of Portals Academy
Until the age of 24, I thought that talent is an innate gift that I don't have. Creativity seems like something that belongs to people who are born with it.

The limiting belief I had about talent and creativity shaped my worldview. When I was in 10th grade, I wanted to learn how to make websites. When I was learning - I encountered difficulties, and eventually gave up. The guitar was also on my list of things to learn, but I gave up on it as well. Dance, music, design, web development, writing is not for me.
All my independent studies ended the same way - I gave up because  I was thinking that I am not talented.

Creative people were doing it better than me, so I kept thinking that creativity was an inner gift.I was always jealous of talented people and wished to be born talented.

I heard that happiness can be found in the family, in the religion, in business and wealth, entertainment, creativity, travel, politics, and helping people. Let me share with you another path to happiness, which still brings me joy to this day. You probably don't know about it yet, just like I didn't. 
To define "happiness" let's use a metaphor.Imagine the world around us is a forest. It is huge, unpredictable, and dangerous, but it gives us so much joy to discover its secrets.I used to go mushroom hunting with my father and brother when I was a child. It happened one day that I got lost.

To find the way back to our car, my father taught us to use the sun.I started walking toward the car, orienting myself to the sun, thinking I was walking in the right direction, but I wasn't sure about it. It was my first time getting lost, and it was very scary. I was crying but kept walking.

On the way, I saw other people, who were also doing mushroom hunting. I ran to them and asked where is the parking lot?
They told me that I’m going in the right direction. After they told me that, my mood and psychological state changed completely. I became calm and happy. I continued my journey and walked to the car, happily.

End of the story.

What is interesting about this story, was that I was going in the right direction the whole time. But half of the way I was unhappy, and the other half of the way I was happy. What happened in the middle? In the first part of my journey, I was unsure of what I was doing, even though I happened to be going in the right direction the entire time.

However, only after other people confirmed that I was actually going in the right direction, I was able to calm down and be happy.
Sometimes, all we need in life is confirmation of our direction.

We all experience ups and downs along our earthly journey called "life." The most important thing in life is to be confident about your direction. It will give you a state of happiness and tranquility. I don’t mean the instant release of dopamine and endorphins, but a deep feeling of fullness, confidence, and harmony.
Childhood is a time when we are given direction. School, university, work, and the institution of the family are examples of directions. As I said at the very beginning family, religion, and business ... - are all directions one can take in life, and in my case, they didn’t work.
When could something go wrong?
When we go out into the world and generally accepted values ​​no longer work. 
After graduating from university, I never mastered a profession, and as a result, I completely lost my direction. The quality of education can be compared to the Internet in the 60s - useful, but not at its best.
I did not know where to go next, it seemed to me that 5 years of my life had been lost.Usually, in cases like this, people say, "I'm searching for myself." But they usually fail to mention where exactly they are searching.
I suppose this phrase is intentionally left unfinished.“I am searching for myself in the world” - this suggests that the world is a puzzle, and I am a small piece of this puzzle, which should be placed in the right spot.
Considering that the world is huge, and life is relatively short, you may not have the time to find your place in this huge puzzle. If the world is like a forest, then you need to know which way to go or just confirm it (since you are probably on the right track).
This is exactly what happened in my life. 

At 24, I would never have believed I would write a music album, enter the world of theater, learn to dance, sing, play various musical instruments, create an IT company (I didn't even know how to program), and complete many exciting projects!Despite studying well, I wasn't all that creative.
At that time there weren’t classes on creativity and nobody really understood its importance to human life. In a former soviet country like Belarus, creativity wasn’t considered a good life skill. Most creative people have problems with drugs, and it’s hard to find a well-paid job.

Only if you have natural creative abilities, then you have chances, otherwise - not worth trying. When I finish composing my first electronic music track, I called my mom and excitedly told her all about it.
She replied:
“Roman, our neighbor, is a musician. And he is an alcoholic”.
It sounds funny today, but this describes how people generally perceived creativity at that time and maybe even to this day.  Throughout my life, I admired musicians, actors, businessmen, writers, designers, and artists. I thought creativity was for the elite, and talent is an innate gift.--
It’s normal to say “I’m not a creative person”, but it’s strange to say “I’m a stupid person”.

When I graduated from university, I worked at a job with no opportunities for advancement. I spent money carelessly, abandoned what I started, and compared myself with others, thinking that they were lucky, but I was not. There were times when I felt like I couldn't do anything, I didn't know what to do in my life and where to start.

My search for a job only made me feel more depressed. There was always a requirement for 3-4 years of experience and a list of skills that I didn't have. I read a lot of motivational literature, and biographies of great people, but nothing helped. I was living with a deep feeling that I’m doing something wrong. I had everything I need, but I was not happy.
Today, I understand this phenomenon of human life. We could feel unhappy because our inner potential wants to grow, but we don’t allow it to happen because of our old habits or limiting beliefs. 

It was a fortunate discovery that I came across the work of Viktor Klimenko, a Soviet professor of psychology. All his life he was working with talented and gifted kids. He wrote more than 100 works, including articles and books. I read one of his works about his research about creativity and talent, and it changed my life.---I was always going in the right direction, but I was not sure about it. In this work, I confirmed my direction and immediately become happy.
I learned that talent or creativity is not an innate gift. He describes talent and creativity as a state of mind that anyone can achieve. All you need to do is to develop your mind. So easy! So close and so powerful goal. If we have the option to choose reality, what it would be, the reality where talent is an innate gift or talent is a state of mind that everyone can achieve?
I choose the second one because I didn’t like the first one.---Clarity gives you motivation. This is the law of nature. Our brains work this way. Our brain needs valuable reasons to create action. We can understand what is good for us, but it’s impossible to do anything because our brains control our life. I wanted to be creative all my life, but I gave up not because I stop wanting, but because my brain didn’t have clarity.

If we want to change a life, we need to give very valuable reasons for our brain. In another case, it’s very easy to give up very quickly and come back to old habits.

And most dangerous, that we're still going to survive. I would survive without developing creativity and revealing talent. I would survive without music, dance, theater, meditation, design, writing, new languages, and participation in exciting projects.
Understanding that talent is an achievable goal created a strong reason why should I learn how to dance, make music, learn new languages, take on challenges and accomplish projects.
Before I was giving up because I didn’t have strong reasoning why should I keep going, and for how long?
Understanding that talent is a state of mind, that I can achieve, changed my learning process. I didn’t give up anymore. I continue to challenge myself, work on projects that I want to do, learn and improve skills that I need, expand my world horizon by taking courses and reading books, and eventually do everything that is hard with a clear goal to develop my mind.
“Why are you doing these silly projects?” - I often heard this question.
“Because I want to develop my brain and achieve a new state”
When we talk about talent in a normal way, we think about some special ability that someone has. It could be acting, writing, music, math, chess, drawing and etc.
It’s clear.
But what is Talent as a state looks like? How to describe this state?It’s actually very simple. Just imagine yourself, but smarter. Talent is a state where you can:
1) Want to do different projects.
2) Know how to finish projects or don’t worry about if you don’t finish them.
3) You're not afraid to learn new things.
4) You're excited about new challenges.
5) You want to do things differently
6) You want to develop your skills and continue growingPeople at high levels seem to have a long and complicated journey to get there. But it's not the whole truth! A running engine is a good metaphor to explain the state of mind when you've confirmed your direction and have clarity. We think of gold medalists as successful people when we see them. The moment they received a gold medal was not the moment they became successful.

They become successful a long time ago when they developed a clarity of understanding of why they do what they do. A running engine took them to the top, where they became visible to the world. We can not do what inspires us when the engine is running. With the engine running, challenges become interesting tasks, problems become rivals with which we grow, and 10,000 hours become an exciting journey towards professionalism.

Portal Academy's existence is not the result of a sudden flash of talent and hard work. The engine was run many years ago, which naturally led to this point, where it became visible to the world. “What if anybody becomes talented, who going to clear the bathroom?” - sometimes I heard this question.
The answer is simple.
“Happy people!”

There is a big difference between a person who runs 40 kilometers, and a person who runs a marathon and wants to win.
There is a big difference between kids who struggle and learn how to play piano by memorizing complicated pieces of genius. And me doing the same thing, but with a deep understanding of why I am doing this. I took piano lessons and know how hard it is for kids.
Don’t worry, Portals Academy is here!As a result of my research on game phenomena, I realized that I had been playing the game for the past 10 years. This inner game helped me to be happy, overcome difficulties and eventually develop my mind and achieve a state of talent.

I developed a game-based learning platform that I called "Portals Academy". Instead of classes, there are portals and mentors instead of teachers, and the goal is to go through 100 Portals and achieve a new state or level.This is a completely new and unique, playful approach to learning and solving most of our problems.I worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years and managed to create a successful IT company. I saw how our software helped small companies to grow and achieve success, and I learned a valuable lesson.
The software can help us to grow!I started a new project that could help us to study and motivate us to overcome challenges.
Believe me, I know how it is impossible to make at least the first step.
The voice in our heads stops us and says: “You don’t need it!”, ”Somebody already did it!”, “Look! They better than you!”, “It’s going to take a lot of time!”, “Nobody cares!”. This voice never stops.
But then I jumped into the Portal…Happiness is much closer than we think, all we need to do is to confirm our direction.

The goal of the Portals Academy is to confirm your direction.

Why does the Portals Method work?

When you want to learn something and take classes, you unconsciously place all responsibility for your growth on someone else.
However, when you create a portal, you place all responsibility on yourself.

You don’t give up until you have completed all 100 steps.

This is what happened to me when I tried to learn how to dance using the traditional method of taking classes.  I took one class, didn't like it, and dropped it, thinking that dance just isn’t for me.

But when I started using the Portals Method, I didn't give up so easily, because I felt like I was playing a game... I was like a detective searching for the beauty of dance.

Which, I discovered while journeying step-by-step through the dance portal. It was the same story with music, web design, meditation, writing and so much more.

"It's better to complete 1 portal than listen to 100 tips."
You can use the Portals Method to learn anything you
Just commit to doing something in 100 times.


The Portals Academy

How does Portals Academy help improve motivation?

People don’t do what they should do because they don’t know how to create their own fun.

But what is fun?
Harry Potter, became a great magician because of external motivation. Something would always happen to him that would push him to practice more.  Lord Voldemort was his external motivation (Don’t say that/his name!!)
What if we canceled the Olympics games?

Would it have an impact on sportsmen's motivation?
Of course.

We are less motivated when there are no performances, or people to practice with.
Why do people spend lots of money and risk their lives to reach the top of Mount Everest?

Because they find it fun.
Fun is a combination of inner and external motivation.Inner motivation is own reason to take the first step and the very existence of the mountain itself is the source of external motivation.
Can we create our own mountains?
As it turns out, we can... by journeying (navigate) through 100 portals.100 portals are 100 personal challenges that will bring you to your next level.
Your next level is where you struggle a little less and are a little more wise.

What do the 100 portals mean?

In school, you have to complete 10-12 grades or levels.In university or college, you have to complete  8-12 semesters or levels.

In Portals Academy, you travel through 100 Portals to discover the secrets that await you.This is how Portals Academy was discovered.

What do you want to do?
Commit to doing it 100 times.
Jump into the portal and track your progress.


You can build you own legendary academy

Each step in the Portal can mean a task, time or progress.
Examples of Portals:
100 hours of reading.
100 hours for project implementation.
100 hours to write a book or diary.
100 hours of learning new things.
100 hours of sports.
100 hours of reflection on a specific topic
100 hours of rest
100 hours of doing something new
100 hours of playing musical instruments.
100 hours of learning a foreign language
100 hours of meditation practice
100 hours to work.
100 days to take a cold shower.
100 days track water.
100 steps to practice piano, 5 minutes per step.
100 steps to work on my project, 5 hours per step.
And so on...

After you finish the portal, take your time to analyzing progress and results.
Progress is more important than results.
This is the most valuable lessons from the portals.
Progress is more important than results.
Portal - is not a just a goal. It's a journey. Your goal is just a direction. What you want to do ? Writing ? Alright, let's write 100 pages or 100 hours.
After you finish 100 steps, analyze your progress, because results is just a reward. And your biggest reward, not something that you want.
The biggest reward is your personal experience that you gained in the portal.

So easy.

Why 100 portals ? 100 portals represent the path to a new level.
After 100 challenges, it's 100% guaranty that you will reach a new level.
Of course, it is just a gamification, but everyone can feel it. We all at this moment finish more of the 100 challenges.

Have you heard the phrase: "Be a better version of yourself"?
What does it mean ? If I wake up in the morning and do yoga - is it a step to my new level ? What if I smoke in the same time ? What if the rest of the day I live an unhealthy life ?

You realized the power of this game. If you consciously decide to practice yoga 100 days - it 100% guaranty that every step in this portal leads you to your new level.
Even if you consciously decide to smoke 100 days - it 100% guaranty that every step in this portal leads you to your new level.
It is only about conscious choice.

After 2 years...
You are a student for 839 days and finish 29 portals and tracked almost 6,000,000 second and achieve 50th level.
You learned a lot from Portals Academy. Not only that, but you can feel that Portals Academy teaches a very valuable lesson, just by its existence.

On the gates of the Portals Academy, you can read:
"Who would you become after 100 Portals, this is a secret that portals are holding for you?"

What is gamification, and how it helps me to become more productive?

Gamification is an idea to apply game elements and game thinking to any process.

A great example of gamification is the language learning app Duolingo. They use points, badges, tournaments, leagues, day streak and other game mechanics. Portals.academy is similar to Duolingo, whereby we learn anything. In portals.academy we apply story (we imagine that we are students) and metaphor game mechanics and much more.

1) Portals use the story around practice. “We imagine ourselves that we are students of legendary academy. To graduate, we need to jump through portals. With each portal, you notice that you are changing. Get stronger and faster.

2)Portals remind you about your challenges. Reminders is a very strong game mechanics that will make a great impact on your growth. One of the biggest challenges is whether we set goals, set a new habit, or challenge ourselves, and after a few days, or completely forget about them. Our brains resist challenging tasks and try to stay in the comfort zone. Portals remind us about our decisions, the same way the coach calls every day and asks, “Did you make a step today?”

3) Portals creates a visual representation of your growth. One of the popular games on the planet to see how you change. Track your progress and finish 100 portals to see how your dance will change.

4) Portals use game mechanic “levels and XP.” With every step, you will gain XP and a new level. With a higher level, you can get access to new portals. XP and level represent that we are changing all the time, and the process of eduation is the same like a game. You teach your brain to play this game and give you more energy to learn complicated things. You will see that you will change with every 5 or 10 levels. It's inevitable. And also show that there is no reason to stay on current level, the process of education is a journey of our life.

5) Portals use metaphor game mechanics that help to train imagination. Every portal has a unique and fun theme. In life, you dance, and in the portal, you are the magician.