Master the art of small steps,
so you can master anything

The Portals  Academy helps reveal talent and develop creativity using
an effective method, unique software and legendary mentorship
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Roman Golovach, Headmaster of the Portals Academy
"When I was 24, I would have never imagined I would become a musician, write a book, learn to dance, design and create more than one successful IT company. I thought I wasn't a creative person until ..."

Revolutionary Curriculum

Talent as a state of mind
New State As an Ultimate Goal
Accepting the own Mind
Dance, Music, Design, Writing, Art
Meditation as a Legendary Exercise
Theory of 100
The Portals Method
The Portals Academy
Secret of success
Method to learn new languages
Master 15 Legendary Game Mechanics
Master The Art of Small Steps
Concept "Everything is a vocabulary"
Concept "Everything is an exercise"
Concept "Survival program and control"
Equanimity should be first

Imagine that you are a student at a Legendary Academy,
where you have to complete 100 Portals to graduate and achieve your next level.

"I'm 15 and I fall in love with the portal academy, it's just fantastically interesting, if the school had such a training program, I would not leave it. Most of all I was inspired by this complexity and at the same time everything looks simple, but in fact it's not because here you have to compete with yourself, and this is not easy, but the reward is worth it .. "
"At that moment, when everything seemed to be collapsing, it was completely unclear where  to go, it was then that I learned about portals. It's very cool to understand how our mind is working.
That's how you understand more and more who you are, why you live the way you live and, most importantly, you understand that you can change it"
You just need 1 Portal with me to learn how to dance, make music,
practice meditation, improve productivity and make your life more interesting.

You just need
1 Portal To Learn...

How to develop creativity

You just need to decide want you want to do 100 times

How to reveal talent

This software will motivate you and develop your mind.

How to study better

This guy is just cool to hang out with.

I want to develop creativity to create more opportunities and work on interesting projects.

In the Portals Academy you will learn:

  • System of revealing talent

  • Master the art of small steps

  • Develop creativity

  • Master design, music, dance, writing

“I want to be confident and have clarity and motivation on my we to best version of myself”

In the Portals Academy you will learn:

  • You will become a master of your mind

  • You will master game mechanics

  • You will become more confidence

  • You will achieve your next level

Imagine that you are a student of Legendary Academy and learn how to reveal talent as a state of mind.
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Frequently asked questions

What do I learn in the Portals Academy?

In Portals Academy you will learn how to apply game mechanics in daily life, so you can increase effectiveness of work and study. The ultimate goal is to develop your mind by accomplishing achievable challenges and projects. In Portals Academy we use the word "Portal" as a metaphor for challenge, course, book, habit, skill, idea etc.

In the Portals Academy you will learn the most important skill in our life "The Art of Small Steps"

What is gamification, and how it helps me?

Gamification is an idea to apply game elements and game thinking to any process. Any game build by small blocks called "game mechanics". Any game has rules or goals. In the Portals Academy, we learn how to use rules in our lives, and how to understand goals and achieve goals.
Game mechanics is a powerful artifact that needs to be learned. They will help you to develop your mind and live happy life.

Who is Portals Academy for?

Portals Academy don't have any age restriction. Age of students of Portals Academy very from 13 years old to 35-year-old.